GD diabetes

I've just been diagnosed and I'm 30weeks pregnant today. I'm gutted, And worried! Is it easy to follow a diet? And is it ok for baby? As I'm a first time mum. Thanks
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I got diagnosed at week 35ish! I’ve had a complete change in diet and I am also on insulin. My food readings were always fine, just my fasting ones. Once you get the hang of it, it’s do-able x

I got diagnosed a week ago and I’m 36 weeks 😬 just basically told to pair high fat with any carb to make sure it doesn’t spike your blood sugars and cut out as many carbs as possible. I’ve tried smaller portions/wholemeal options and I can’t go anywhere near any of them. I’ve kinda accepted it now but I was gutted too. My overnight fasting reading isn’t under control no matter what I do during the day. Im hoping they’re gonna say im gonna have her at 38 weeks instead cos I’m over it now. Already had other issues going on before all this started

@Rachel no I don’t follow diet she just pushes me more for protein. But they keep telling me eggs but then I’m having bread all the time which is more carbs than my cereal. And I’ve just changed my evening meal to a fresh meat! They’ve told me today after 31/32 weeks a lot of people struggle because the body naturally resists fixing the sugars. I’m to start insulin from tomorrow and still have to take my metformin but she was really nice today and explained it’s really not my diet x

@Laura thank you, all seems very stressful at first not knowing what to eat! X

I was diagnosed at 28 weeks and I'm now 38. I found it really difficult at the start but once you get to know your body and what you can and can't eat it gets easier. I had to cut out all breakfast cereals and find pairing carbs with protein and veggies really helps. It's a bit of trial and error at first x

@Tiffany thank you for that. I'm freaked out as now worrying about what I can and can't eat!! Do you follow a diet or not? X

I’ve been diagnosed for 5 weeks. I stressed myself out to start with I’ve changed my diet twice. I’m on metformin twice a day however even eating things that are low carb I’m still having spikes so I’m waiting for a call back. What I’m trying to say is, it may not be the things you’re eating. It can be hormones. I passed out the other week because I wasn’t taking in enough carbs for energy. You’ll have regular checks with scans so you’ll have you mind out a little at ease once you see the growth. As long as my boy is active and is growing on target I’ve stopped worrying as much, because either way I can’t win, I’m eating as best as I can, I don’t drink anything but sugar free squash. Some of the diabetic team are better than others. Some are really understanding others keep telling you about change of diet 🙄 I honestly can’t wait for the next 7/8 weeks to pass so my son can be born and I can control my sugars my own way

Glad you're managing well. What do you tend to leave out?

You have to be a bit stricter with your diet and it is hit and miss but once you have it under control, your baby will most likely be fine! You can bulk up with protein or fibre so you're full and watch out for starchy veggies!

I was diagnosed a week ago and I’m 30 weeks now. Since I’m traveling it’s been a hit or miss. Mostly hit but based on my blood sugars test, I try to avoid food that spike my blood sugars. I feel much better after meeting with diabetes educator and nutritionist since I have the information on how to manage it with diet and I feel like it’s going well.

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