What the actual F do I do?

My husband told my SIL she isn’t allowed any contact with our child because of how disrespectful she’s been towards me and yesterday at 1am we got a text from her saying how sad she is now that she won’t have a chance to be in her niece’s life and that she’s also lost her brother. She has never spoke to me ever. She’s been telling people that I don’t like her which everyone has reassure her that not true and asked her if she has actually bothered to get to know me and this was 6 months ago. She hasn’t bother once even when I’ve said hi to her, she would fully ignored me. I live far from my family so I rarely see them and this morning I told my mum what has been happening and how she texted and never even mentioned wanting a relationship with me but only mentioned my husband and child like I don’t exist. I have been corned before by my in-laws about another situation last year and that really upset my mum because she wasn’t there to support me. My mum said that she’s really upset now because I’m here on my own and it will literally be 10 against 1. My mum has made it very clear that if my in-laws try to corner me about this situation to just let them know that we are going to organise a day where my parents can drive down so my parents can be there to support and am not on my own. I know my mum means well but I want to avoid getting her involved because my husband said he doesn’t want my family to think his allowing his family to mistreat me. I know my husband has my back but it is still his family and I don’t want to ruin their relationship. But I know if anything happens my parents would go above and beyond for me. And my mum is worried that they might think because my parents is far they won’t bother getting involved. My mum is a full on mama bear and she’s seen me cry too many times because of them not respecting my boundaries.
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That’s tough honestly don’t worry about anyone’s relationship problems but yoir own. Let your man protect you and have your back whether that puts him in trouble with his family. You need to remember his family WILL ALWAYS BE HIS FAMILY REGARDLESS and will always love him unconditionally! Don’t worry about that girl this is about you and if your man is protecting you let him that’s his job. He’s supposed to protect you from his family and if anybody got a problem they gotta go through him first and if they truely wanna be in the babies life they will change why? Because of possibly loosing contact with that baby this is where they’re either gonna be adults and fix the issue or cry and throw tantrums. It’s you and him against the world ! You guys come first don’t feel sorry let your man be a man of the family to protect it let him put his foot down !

In my opinion let your parents have your back. If SIL needs 10 people to defend her and make her feel better about herself that says a lot about her. My mom is the same way as yours. We cut contact with my in laws and my MIL decided to send me a nasty email talking trash about my father who passed away a few years ago. My mom was visiting her sister in another state and I called her crying because how do you speak ill of the dead, I literally had to call my aunt and have her block my mom in her house because my mom was trying to leave to come home and confront my MIL. Your parents will have your back no matter what. If your husband doesn't want your family thinking he allows his family to mistreat you then he needs to prove that with his actions. He chose to marry you and have children which makes you/children his top priority, it is no longer the family he grew up with.

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