Will it stop hurting

So I’m 23 weeks pregnant and it’s starting to really hurt when I’m breastfeeding my daughter and I don’t want to stop our feeding journey if she’s not ready to stop but the pain makes me cry sometimes will the pain eventually stop? I didn’t hurt at all before I became pregnant again and I hate saying no to her 😬
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You know with pregnancy we are likely to have sore breast or nipples. I have very sensitive nipples with just a touch I can scream my lungs out, then imagine a baby sucking on it am sure that’s the reason for that pain. My cousin stopped breastfeeding her 1st at 7month pregnant and she complained of same pain everyday and as she stopped breastfeeding the breast pain reduced and stopped over time.

Tbh that does make sense I didn’t even think of that too ne boob hurts to feed her more than the other though which is what’s confusing me more like I can handle her feeding from my left boob and can’t with my right x

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