How was Natural Childbirth?

Hello Ladies, I have birthed 2 children with Epidural and was out of it the majority of the time during labor. I would love to have a natural birth with no Epi. to avoid the shot and see if I can push baby out sooner since I'll be awake and alert. I am very nervous about the pain that may occur , with horrible contractions and the baby coming out ( Ring of fire). How was your No Epidural Vaginal Birth, and do you have any advice? I've never been so nervous about giving birth until now. 🥲 I am 20 weeks with a little girl, Going for an anatomy scan today !
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@Lisa Thank you , i will check her videos out and Moving around sounds nice , with epidural i was in the bed the majority of the time.


@Jasmine Wow , my 1st took forever , My 2nd was about 8 hrs. So if I could get close to your record, I'd be happy. I consider myself a tough person but this just scares me alittle. Lol Thanks for your advice, im happy you commented and Ill definitely use it when in labor.

@Alicia Aww, you and the other ladies definitely gave me more hope to do it , undertanding the pain goes away after its done. If I remember this post, i will definitely come back and tell you how it goes.

Congratulations on your 3rd pregnancy! I have one child and had him without any medications which was my intention. I made sure I had other ways to get through the pain such as breathing techniques, repositioning, counterpressure by my husband on my low back and hips when I could tolerate it. I watch a lot of videos by Sarah Lavonne You can do it! I am happy I did because I was able to move around during labor which helps get baby in a better position and after labor without having to wait for the epidural to wear off.

I downloaded this app 2 years ago and have literally never commented but this popped up on my notifications and I thought I’d let you know, if you set your mind to it.. you’ve got this! I had both my children natural, I’m not a “tough” person, I literally did it because I was more scared of the needle than the pain. It’s definitely a wild experience, you’ll definitely get the experience of feeling it all but as long as you remember the pain doesn’t last and it’s only there till the baby is comes out it helps you push but be careful not to push too fast trying to force baby out. I had to be told to stop pushing because they weren’t ready but all I could do was push with the pressure. If it tells you anything about how fast you can deliver naturally (if already dilated when you go in) I was at about a 3 1/2 when I went in with both, I had my son within 2 hours, had my daughter within 4 of being there but the first hour they were just giving me antibiotics, so 3 hours after induction.

I came to the hospital too late to get an epidural for my second child. So it wasn’t my choice not to get it but I was actually super happy with the fact that I did not! You can move immediately after you are done. And to be quite honest, it was definitely the most intense pain I have ever felt, but there was also a euphoria it’s almost hard to explain. And you want to push, because pushing is the only thing that makes the pain go away of the contractions. I don’t know if I’m the only one that experienced the euphoria type of feeling, so I sure would love to hear how your birth went if you do decide to go natural. You got this tho!! I felt so strong after I did it. Like if I can do this I can do anything type of feeling.

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