Fussy cat

She doesn't seem to realize stepping on my bump hurts. Lots of cat yells later we sorted a snuggle that doesn't hurt. Lol
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Omg. My kitties do the same thing. They’ve tried to make biscuits on my belly. 😳🤣

@Christina my cats refuse to leave my office at the moment as they don't like the dogs. So when I go in to work they have both been all over me. The one pictured is generally very lovey and needy but she's taking it to a whole new level with the baby on the way.

🤣🤣🤣 I have 3 cats and they're all reacting differently. My youngest wildcat has gotten even more clingy and wants to sleep either right next to me or on top of me lop he seems to be careful around my belly but still makes biscuits on it🤣 my girl cat that looks exactly like yours is just clingy in general so now she's extra clingy. My oldest boy cat doesn't seem to care too much lol he's been coming out of hiding to show more love but also acting up a bit. I think his mimicking my wildcat though lol

On my chest or in my arms like a baby. These cats know something’s up

My cat has resorted to laying exclusively on my chest haha

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