Recommendations please! Favorite diaper cream for a baby with sensitive skin?

I’ve tried Boudreaux’s, Honest, Pipette, A+D, Aquaphor and Vaseline. (Also, keep in mind I’m in the U.S.) I don’t mind Boudreaux’s (I’ve used both the sensitive and regular), but wondering if there’s something better. The sensitive one doesn’t seem to work as well and the regular separates a LOT, which means I end up wasting a lot of the product and it’s messy. Thanks in advance! 💕
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@Tala that’s a great tip for the bath, thank you!!

I like coconut oil or earth mamas diaper balm

i use aquaphor and i also add small amounts of coconut oil to baby’s bath. too much will have them slipping around everywhere BUT a small amount will help to strengthen and moisture baby’s skin.

Triple paste has worked well for us


Vaseline didn’t do much for him, I’ll probably try the Maty’s! Thanks y’all ☺️

I agree with @Alexis, Vaseline and cornstarch is the best combination.

Coconut oil. My son had a rash for months, turns out he was having a reaction to the wipes we were using (water wipes- they’re not as clean as you think) coconut oil and different wipes made all the difference. Also, not trying to be a downer, but Vaseline is categorized as a carcinogen. I definitely wouldn’t put that on your baby, especially their most sensitive area.

Thanks, everyone!

Maty's Organic diaper rash ointment. Hands down. I have decided to stay away from anything that is petroleum based. It's expensive but it works so well and I can feel good about the ingredients being safe for baby. It cleared up any issues much faster than the other creams we tried. It smells lovely too!

If you’re breast feeding you can put milk on baby’s bum and let it air dry. It works like a charm! Also, Tallow is incredible for all sorts of skin irritation. My son gets rubbed down head to toe in Tallow every night before bed and we haven’t had a single skin issue since we made it part of our routine. It cleared up his eczema in a matter of days and diaper rash goes away within a few hours 🙌🏼

Vaseline, Vaseline+cornstarch, aloe vera, and desitin

I have the regular Boudreaux and just knead it before use a few days a week. It is a little messy but it is so effective. Desitin works well too but not as fast as Boudreaux

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