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Hi all, this may be a long post, so thank you if you decide to read. This is my first pregnancy, I'm currently 6 weeks with all the symptoms going. I was only with my partner for a couple of months before we decided together that we wanted to try for a baby.. crazy, I know, please no judgement, it was right for us at the time. We weren't using contraception, planned around my ovulation, and I was taking medication to help my PCOS. We were very excited and super giddy at the idea of actually doing this parenting thing together. However, unfortunately, his mental health took a decline after he broke his ankle and we've separated as it wasn't healthy for either of us. He obviously has other things going on that he isn't opening up to me about. Since we broke up I've found out I'm pregnant and upon telling him, he decided he no longer wants this and requested I have an abortion. I told him that this baby was planned and I'm going to keep it. He's told me he wants nothing to do with it and has blocked and deleted me on everything. He also told me I'm being selfish for keeping it because we aren't together anymore even though we were when the baby was conceived. This has put such an emotional strain on me and I'm struggling to cope with the impact his carelessness and selfishness has had. I know this situation may be unique, but I'm wondering if anyone else has been/is in a similar situation, and what kind of support are you recieving, is this worth mentioning to the midwife when I see them? Thank you for reading, Sincerely, a freaking out single mama to be xx
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You will be fine. You got this 🫶🏻 if he wants nothing to do with baby that’s on him. X

If people do judge tell them to mind their business! What you need around you is positive vibes, do what's best for you! I'd probably tell the midwife as they can offer you the emotional support! He could come around eventually, if he's still having issues with his mental health he needs to get help first! Keep your head high, you'll smash this!

not judging cus me and my boyfriend planned our baby only dating two months too. i went through the exact same thing last year when i accidentally got pregnant with my ex and i was seriously manipulated and threatened so i had to get the abortion but i regret it so much and so sad i didn’t fight more for the baby. my opinion is, do what’s best for you- it was a planned baby and what he done is obviously wrong but he wanted that baby at one point too, let him be angry and let him block you etc but if you want this baby- you have the baby. maybe he needs a little help from professionals and he might be back to himself if that’s a option? not sure what to say but i wish you the best🫶🏼

I’m so sorry you are going through this. There is always support available even if he doesn’t feel capable of being a parent. Some of the best mama’s I know are single parents. I hope you have friends / family around to lean on. I would definitely tell the midwife - if nothing else they will be able to offer emotional support when needed. You can do this 💪🏼

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