What week have you set yourself to pack a hospital bag?

I’m thinking 30 weeks.. a friend of mine has just had her baby at 34 weeks - freaked me out a bit!! So wondered what the general consensus was for this 🥰
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My midwife asked me if I packed my bag yesterday (not even started properly thinking about it tbh) I’m 29 weeks today, her advise was to at least prepare an overnight bag just in case needed to come to triage etc.

@Shona for my first I used a hand luggage size suitcase .. one side for me, one side for baby.. I had a extra bag of snacks 🤣 and I took 2 pillows, a V-Pillow and extra pillow to hold on my stomach (planned C-Section) but you shouldn’t need more than that x

What bags are people using xx

I got mine ready at 30 weeks in my first pregnancy and then had my baby at 35 weeks. I’m planning on doing the same This time around too in case the baby comes early once again! X

I’m 30 weeks on Friday and haven’t started it yet, we go on a baby moon at 32 weeks so I planned to get the stuff whilst there and start then xx

I’m 29 weeks tomorrow and I’m basically done xx

I reckon I’ll do mine in mid Jan :)

I’m 30 weeks today and wasn’t planning to pack one for a bit! I was thinking once December hits!

I’m 27 weeks today, I’ve started gathering some bits and bobs, but haven’t started actually packing them. My goal was to have everything ready by Christmas which would make me 31/32 weeks

I’m going to start at 32 weeks with the aim to have everything packed and ready by 35 weeks 😊

Glad I'm not the only one ha xx

@Shona I haven’t bought one yet either🤣 I’m 27 weeks today

Oh gosh. I'm 30 weeks next week and don't even have a bag haha

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