Milk consumption during the night.

Second post from me today! Sorry!! We are in a right pickle!! My almost 14 month old is struggling at night. Amongst the settling difficulties and tears he wakes up and cry’s for milk (he’s not thirsty as he has plenty of fluids during the day and has been eating well) I’ve tried settling other ways but he is frantic for milk. I believe he is in desperation to get to sleep but he is reliant on milk, this means many many wake ups and a number of bottles (far too many for his age), nappy rash is the worst it’s been as he’s has loose stools from teething). 2 nappy changes during the night too. Any tips on reducing the amount of milk other than, giving a little less gradually and watering it down. I know it’s catch 22 as he needs to learn to settle himself so he’s not having these wake ups / wanting milk or that’s the dream. He’s always been a tricky sleeper!!
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@Claire exactly the same as mine! I think once she’s stopped teething we should be able to drop a bottle… fingers crossed!

Tough isn’t it. He eats plenty and drinks (hate to say this sometimes 4 bottles) 🫠

No advice, just to say I’m in the same boat! My LO wakes up every night for milk, sometimes more than once and the only way she will go back to sleep is with milk. I feel she is also having too much milk for her age now but don’t know how to stop it. I’m hoping as she’s teething she’s finding comfort in the milk and she isn’t eating as much, therefore once she’s better she should eat more and hopefully drink less milk at night 🤷🏼‍♀️

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