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Hey ladies ❤️ So, I'm currently in the process of getting sorted to go back to work next month... My lo will be 9monrhs on the 4th of December, I am not gonna lie I am DREADING the thought of being away from her 💔 I've developed crippling separation anxiety with her, I can't bare the thought of being away from her. 💔 It took so long to get pregnant, experienced a miscarriage along the way too so I'm fiercely protective of her because I've waited so long to be a Mummy. I love her so much💖 she's my reason to keep going and give her the best life 💖 I know she'll be looked after but I feel nobody looks after her better than me and her Daddy 💔 does this get any easier, I feel so sad 💔
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I was dreading returning to work earlier this year as my maternity leave was the best time of my life. I thought the hardest part would be leaving my little one but seeing him happy and developing well with the childminder makes me happy, plus it makes me appreciate our time together even more. The thing I didn’t see coming was when I returned to work I didn’t enjoy my job anymore because being a mum was the best job in the world. I’ve changed jobs twice since I returned and have now found a job on my doorstep, that lets me work earlier/finish earlier and pays a lot more money. My motivation now for being at work is being able to provide my son everything he needs plus a few luxuries in life and also being able to afford to have another baby and a bigger house for them.

If you really really feel a lot of anxiety and you’re too overprotective you can try speaking with a therapist, just to avoid passing down anxiety to your daughter. Sometimes we try to do our best to protect them and we don’t realise we’re actually harming them. Overprotective parents can lead to children with lots of anxiety or lots of fears (when the parent is fearful the child becomes scared as well). I’m not saying that you’re doing this but in case you’re too overprotective (understandable due to previous trauma like miscarriage) it could help you.

@Trish thank you so much!! 😭😍 Xxxxx

Yes, it will get easier. It is hard days before the start of your work but as you start and days passed by, it gets easier. And you’ll enjoy your time away from her somehow. You’ll miss her hence you’ll be able to cherish every moment you are with her. I had this exact feeling when I had to work and I had to put my son to daycare. A lot of times, I want to stop working already. Take it 1 day at a time and see if it gets better, give it a week, then a month and see if this whole new transition works for you and your family. Focus on the whys, why you have to work, and of course to save up and provide for the family. Hang in there mama. You’re doing a great job! And you have a heart of gold! 🩵

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