Post taking COVID vaccine

Did anyone here take the COVID vaccine? Was there any side effects to that and does that affect the baby movement pattern or anything?
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I got mine at 32 weeks. I was weak and achy that night about 12 hours after the vaccine, then was okay after a good night’s sleep.

I got it a few weeks ago and just had a little bit of a sore arm, but it wasn’t as bad as the TDAP arm pain. I didn’t have any flu-y feelings this time around. Baby is doing just fine.

I got my covid at the beginning of the month, took a nice nap after and had a very mild sore arm for maybe a day, but that's it! My baby's been moving and grooving along just as much as normal!

I got my covid and rsv a few days ago, just a sore arm. Prior to that I got my tdap and flu together, again no change in baby movement or issues with those.

Thanks everyone for sharing this! Kinda relieved ! 🥰

@Casey hahah! Love it. 💃🏻 thank you !

Got mine flu and tdap baby doing tap dances daily so they didn't effect the baby 😂 measuring all normal at 34 weeks

I got mine and my flu and the TDAP and had no issues with any. I’m 36 weeks now and all is well!!

I got it a few weeks ago. No change to baby. Same symptoms as usual for me (tired and sore arm)

I am about to get my COVID vaccine next week but debating if I should get the flu shot at the same time!

This pregnancy I've had the TDAP, flu, Rsv, and COVID vaccines. No noticeable change in movements or other side effects beyond a sore arm.

I got it a couple of weeks ago with the RSV vaccine. Only symptom was a sore arm. Baby was fine & moved around like he normally does. 🙂

I got it last Friday (the spikevax bc I had already gotten the other 3 pre pregnancy...when scheduling for the RSV one. Only side effects was sore arm. I didn't have that prior because it was a different brand . But baby still healthy and active as ever. Currently getting the RSV one as I write this .

So I did not... I personally wouldn't risk it but you have to do what you think is best for you and your baby. This might be worth a watch...

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