Military partner always gone

My partner recently moved units so he is 1.5 hour away from home and only home on the weekends which is normally fine but I am just stressing out how it will all work when ill go into labour. Anyone else had this issue and how did you sort this as we don’t have any other family live close as I moved here from Holland and he is original from Surrey🥹
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@Emma he's RAF, that sucks for you though lovely! Fingers crossed he gets to stay at close as possible for you ✨

@Hannah ah really that’s amazing! What force is he in? Unfortunately mine can’t as he is in an active unit so can be pinged to go at any time 😔

My partner has been told he won't get called away for anything because of my pregnancy from at least now until 9 months after the baby is born! Obviously there must be different rules in different forces/different units 😞 I cannot imagine how you must feel ❤️ sending lots of love

I know the feeling☹️, my partner is going away again today he came back last week from being away 3 weeks ago , both our family are not from around here , there both 3/4 hours away. We have some military friends but we are looking for more 😁

Oh that’s interesting! I’ve never heard of a Doula but will defo look into this, thank you!

@Emma could you maybe look into getting a Doula or something? So you have some consistent support throughout it, and reassurance that someone will be there if things happen unexpectedly? It sounds so stressful 😣. Could you also get one of his family members on standby, if you’d feel comfortable with that? We had my MIL on standby (3hrs away) so that when I went into labour I called her, she drove up and looked after our toddler while we went to hospital… it worked better than expected 😊

Yeah but the thing is, he is currently in an active unit so he can be deployed at any time and his family lives 3.5 hours away from here and so do most of my friends as we keep moving for his job. Might look into the options of a home birth to prevent all this stress

Slightly different here as I had my husband's family near at least here in Northern Ireland (I'm also from The Netherlands). But my husband was doing a course in England when I was pregnant with our son and only home every other weekend or so. I was induced and he made arrangements to fly home the second I was called in for induction. This was a Wednesday morning to come in for lunch time, then postponed til 7pm. I went in for 7pm and he got to the hospital for about 8pm in the end. Then induction was postponed again til the following day in the end, though they kept me in for the night. If it hadn't been postponed a few times, then he likely wouldn't have gotten there in time or maybe just in time. Do you have a good friend who would come with you or even his mum or dad or sibling who would stay with you until he could get there? 1.5hrs away is doable to get there in time, though. I would just make sure you can get to hospital or have someone supportive who can take you in until he's there

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