What do you guys do for peace of mind?

I feel like I’m going crazy having 2 under 2 and sometimes I wanna run away (temporarily) from everyone everything. Like men, our husbands can go masjid and chill there, or their clinic, or go for a drive. Sometimes when my husband offers to look after the kids or drop to his mums, I have nowhere to go outside for myself. (Please don’t say go for a pedicure etc bc in the long run that needs money) and I don’t drive either. I can’t go to my mums that often because I have siblings and it’s just too loud and cramped there. What do you ladies go for peace of mind? Or what do you guys. Would be nice to know bc I feel like I have nothing thags ‘mine’ can’t even have a job as my kids are simply too little. I don’t have any friends thag I can just rock up to their houses randomly as they all have families, works etc. Help me
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I started to draw and paint in the evening after putting baby down, it helps me massively! Try to find a hobby that is easy to access, reading, crocheting, knitting etc

Library, park, make two investments: kindle and hot drink flask, you'll never look back. Failing that, podcastssss, I could watch/listen to true crime for hoursss (probably should really balance that out with more Islamic content, some really good lectures but not "lectures " out there) and a great place for it is out in the open (if the weather is good, I live in the UK and it's mostly awful) or in a library. Since my babies, I sort of like to be "around" even if hubs is with them and is giving me a bit of respite. I'll go to bed and just lay there, basking in the knowledge that I don't need to be glued to a baby monitor and I can choose to sleeeeep. I still mostly end up online shopping or plummeting down some YouTube rabbit hole but the point is, it's a pause. Also I agree, mani pedis aren't my thing either, but a hot drink that stays hot instead of being ice cold after ten nappy changes, that's the one.

Lose yourself in a hobbie. I enjoy baking and I’ll make cakes for my in laws and if there’s too much I give to neighbours and friends in the area. I also love going to the gym, had to stop that recently but hubby says once baby is born and I get the all clear I’ll be able to start back slowly and go a couple evenings a week while he watches baby inshallah x

I feel like I have nothing to do when I have time either, but I usually end up going for a long walk to the park maybe getting my fav drink and taking that to the park, talking to my mum or friend on the phone!

The library/mall is my spot if I need to be alone that's the most alone I can get. Grab a coffee and hide in the stores or find a cozy corner to hide and disappear into a book

Hmm I understand! How about going for a long walk alone or walking to your your local coffee shop and just sit there? I go for a walk literally just up and down my road (so I’m close by to baby), put my AirPods in and call my siblings/friends for a chinwag. Or I just go to my local coffee shop alone idk I find it somewhat refreshing

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