NHS dentist exemption

I got emailed a NHS maternity exemption certificate, but it only mentions prescriptions on there. Is it the same certificate for NHS dental treatment does anyone know?
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Yep, the maternity exemption certification is inclusive of the dentist as long as the dentist is an NHS one :)

@Sophie it was on the same day for me, it did go through to my junk though - have you checked there? Ah amazing I must have completely missed that 🤣

Thank you, I’m not sure if she has done this already how long after your appointment did it come through? Also when checking on the nhs website it does say you can use your maternity exemption certificate for dentist as well as prescriptions

@Sophie I had my booking in appointment with the midwife and then it was emailed to me after that! I think you should ask your midwife as it goes through them x

Sorry not an answer more of an question, how did you go about asking for the exemption certificate or was it just sent to you? As I’m not sure how to go around getting this?

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