Baby bowel habits/ how many poos per day?

My combi fed baby will do 3-5 poos one day and none the next (will sometimes go almost 36 hours with no poo, really struggle & cry in discomfort)… should I take him to the doctor? Is this normal or does he need something to help him? How many poos do your babies do and how are they fed?
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My girl was pooing nearly every feed when she was breast fed, as soon as I introduced formula she started pooing less regularly. She is now fully on formula and poos every 1/2days! It really all depends on the individual baby, my girl also makes herself very red and vocal when she needs a poo this is very common babies have too learn too pass poop and this isn’t always comfortable for them x

Thank you x

@Nikeriyah thank you x

@Neeya not just grunting- sounds like crying in pain x

Yeah I’m in US and we’re told the same but if the milk isn’t doing for you’re baby and just going through it’s okay to give a table spoon with karo syrup that’s what I do now I started with my 2month old like a week or so ago it’s been helping but I don’t give it to her as much I do a regular milk bottle and then like at night baby cereal but I can send a picture to you as well

@Neeya thanks for this xx yes mine grunts a lot too. Sounds like a little piglet!

My baby is combi fed too but mainly breastmilk, she was pooing pretty much every other nappy for the first 2 weeks but now she only does one a day but tends to do a big explosion rather than space it out lol, I've heard it's normal for them to go a couple of days without going but if you're worried definitely get it checked out! She also has grunting baby syndrome so it sounds like she's straining to poo but it's just her getting used to how her body functions x

Thank you - what is baby cereal? I am in the UK/England and we are told milk only for the first 6 months so interested in what this is? Thank you x

Well my doctor told me the most a baby can go without a bowel movement is 3 days if it has been three days and still nothing then take them but she said they don’t use it as much but if it’s something that you’re worried about ask your doctor just to make sure all is okay with your little one ❤️ but I’m pretty sure you’re baby will be good also before putting my baby cereal in my baby milk she used it like maybe one or twice a day and will be fine and since the max was for three days for them I made sure I paid attention to the cycle of her poops and before day 3 comes she ends up having a poop and now that she gets baby cereal it comes bout the same but at times she can have a little struggle also you can try karo syrup the clear one it helps them not be too constipated

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