Pregnant after miscarriage

Terrified is an understatement, didn’t think it would happen so soon after had a mmc d&c in august and I’m so scared, how do you keep positive? My emotions are everywhere and it feels to good to be true, wasn’t trying as I’m renovating and I’m supposed to be due on tomorrow.. I’m so scared
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I know it’s really hard I lost the baby before my son and the entire time I was pregnant with my son I was so scared. The only thing that helped me was telling myself every day when I had any doubt “I am pregnant until proven otherwise”. I honestly would just repeat that constantly throughout the day and I found it helped. Sometimes I’d use other affirmations like “my body is strong and so is my baby”. You just have to remind yourself everything will be okay.

Thank you so much xx

It’s a scary and anxious time getting pregnant after a miscarriage. I found that keeping busy and taking on a new hobby helped me get through the first trimester and booking a private scan helped as well before my 12 week appointment x

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