Christmas Pregnancy reveal ideas

I was thinking of revealing my pregnancy to my friends and family on Facebook/instagram. Any ideas for a Christmas pregnancy reveal? 🤔
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@Francine i love both of your ideas!! Let us know which one u decided to go for in the end 🥰

I was thinking about this or doing it for Thanksgiving. If we did Thanksgiving, I was going to hold the Turkey and tape the sonogram on the bottom of the plate so it looks like it's draping. "More than one Turkey in the oven." OR "The Turkey is not the only one who is stuffed this year." Something funny and ridiculous like that. It's part of my personality. For a Christmas idea, I was thinking of having everyone come outside in their heavy jackets and act like they are freezing, (I'm in Texas, so we're not actually freezing until March) while I'm out there in a tank top, shorts, and a cold drink in my hand holding the sonogram saying, "Can't wait for spring". I still can't decide which one, lol.

Print a puzzle of your sonogram, most print shops can do this. And then gift everyone a different puzzle piece

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