Pregnancy depression

I was hoping to try and find some women who might be going through the same feelings as me. I’m 21 and currently 17+3 weeks pregnant with a little girl due in April. The situation behind my pregnancy is not the best. My baby’s fathers is extremely excited to be having a baby together however he will never commit to a relationship with me. This has lead to me having to cut him out of my life at 17 weeks pregnant. I’m extremely scared, I’ve recently bought my own home before falling pregnant and live alone. I have been feeling extremely depressed and disconnected from my pregnancy. I worry constantly that I’m not going to be able to provide my little girl the life she deserves. Being in a toxic situation with her dad has not helped me in the slightest and I’m trying to find a way I can move on with my life for my baby. Does anyone have any encouraging words or tips to help fight what I’m feeling. Thank you💗
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You are already doing a great job. If you have an extra room, rent it! That's what I do. It helps me paying my mortgage and at the same time I don't feel so lonely.

I’m 37 and 37 weeks pregnant. My BD left me around 5 months pregnant said he couldn’t do it after 3 yrs together. He’s already seeing someone else…but…I felt exactly the same. And now I feel much calmer without him involved and you just have to focus on you and baby. 21 and owning a house is a bloody achievement sounds like your baby is going to be super lucky and you’ve got your ducks in a row. Don’t let the BD create any toxicity and enjoy the pregnancy cos it’s over fast. Xx

Also April babies are the best! Had my son in April this year x

I’m a single mum. Different situation. Dads not involved. It’s hard but so rewarding. Being a single mum is a super power x

@Holly thank you so much for your kind words, they are very much appreciated💗

Heyy, just wanted to say that I am in a very similar situation. I am 18 weeks pregnant and living alone at 22.. no longer in a relationship with the baby’s father. While I can’t actually offer any practical guidance, I just wanted to let you know that I feel EXACTLY the same as you. The feelings of not being able to provide my daughter with enough due to being a single mum is massively overwhelming and terrifying! I have never experienced such feelings of anxiety and depression in my life. Just like you, I am trying to stay hopeful and positive for this new journey with my little girl. If you want to reach out to me to talk feel free. Would love to navigate this together!🥹💕

Reading this I can see some amazing achievements that show me you are massively underestimating yourself. You’re so young and you own a home, that’s amazing. You have a safe place that’s yours to offer your child. You recognise that the relationship with her father isn’t good and you’re trying to create a healthy one first. You’re already providing her with the life she deserves and she’s not here yet. Remind yourself how amazing you are. Your ex might be a tosser but soon you will be holding a beautiful little girl who will make it all worth it xx

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