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When did you transfer your baby to their crib for night sleeping. My almost 5 month old isn’t sleeping through the night consistently and is almost too long for our bassinet or other items for night sleeping. When did you move your baby?
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@Kadie same

She rolls and then hollers cuz she’s stuck

@Kadie is she able to roll herself back over? We just roll over and get stuck currently

Hi momma! My girl is on the taller side and we just transitioned her last week at 20weeks, from her 4MomB Bassinet to her crib because shes rolling and was kicking and hitting the edges of the bassinet in her sleep which would startle her and wake her up. She’s got more space in the crib and is sleeping a lot longer and is more comfortable. She sleeps in a Halo sleep sack over her onesie pajamas.

My baby got too big for the bassinet but I brought a pack n play into the bedroom. But just over a week ago she got a cold so I set her up with the cool mister by the crib and closed the bedroom door and she’s been sleeping in there at night just fine. She normally did naps in there so it wasn’t much of an adjustment. Now that she’s over her cold I think we’ll keep letting her sleep in the crib. We have one merlin suit and a fuzzy sleep sack. She just turned five months today.

At 3 months old we woke up and she was sleep on her tummy and that was it for me.

We stopped swaddling her at night and now she wears a magic Merlin suit so there is no rolling but she is “starfish” position so there isn’t much room I am wondering if she would sleep better in her crib instead. Thanks!

I moved my son at 4 months just bc he was such a light sleeper. He did great and slept better like I thought. My daughter is almost 5 months and I’ll be moving her after Thanksgiving. She has started rolling a ton and technically you’re supposed to transition out the bassinet when they show signs of rolling.

I moved mine at 4 months, started with naps for a couple days then just moved him he did great! Still woke up cuz of the regression, but now he’s 5 months I sleep trained and he’s good in his crib

The day we were told she rolled from her back to belly while napping at daycare. Just over 3 months old. The warnings had said when reach 20lbs or was rolling over. Before that though I was trying to transfer her because it seemed she was getting too long for it. I stated the transition with trying naps in the crib. Start in the crib, if she woke up too much and crying too much, I'd settle her back down and finish the nap time in the bassinet.

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