I’m currently 33 weeks and I’ve picked up a cold I’ve got such a sore throat, does anyone know what you can take for this?
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You can also take very low dose cocodamol

I checked with both companies, a pharmscist and the GP before taking throat sweets

Throats sweets are allowed like halls and soothers

Also suffering 🥲 someone’s recommended Asda baby vapour bath to me so just ordered some to arrive tomorrow!

I'm also 33 weeks and been suffering with a cold/cough/chest infections for the last 3 months (I'm also immune suppressed so I always struggle getting rid of anything I pick up 🙈😅) ... My throat has been sore and constantly dry throughout - plenty of liquids, water and lemon and ginger herbal tea, along with ice cream has given me some form of relief! Hope you're feeling better soon!

I just used strepsils, Vaporub and the vaporub nose stick! Has taken over 2 weeks for my cold and sore throat to go so I hope yours is gone sooner!

I ended up in hospital over a week ago as my cold got worse making me be sick 4 times, there's not much to take and to be done paracetamol for me has done nothing warm baths 50/50. Hot drinks, hot foods and just wrapping up warm and sleeping it off to rest your body mainly for me x

Thank you it’s so annoying like pregnancy’s hard as it is why don’t they make little things like cough and cold medicine for pregnant women 🤣 xxxx

This was me last week. Unfortunately only paracetamol and hot water & lemon… hope it shifts soon for you!

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