Hypertension in later pregnancy

Anyone on here have any experience with being diagnosed with Hypertension towards the end of pregnancy. I was sent from my 34 week midwife appointment to triage for high blood pressure and have been on tablets since then to control it. Was wondering whether I am likely to be offered an induction now as I approach the end (currently 36 weeks 4 days) as I am now considered higher risk?
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@Tasha How do you feel about induction lovely? I've been advised the same. I'm 36+2 but have been told I'll need induction at 39w.

This is exactly me. High from 34w, in hospital last few days trying to find meds to improve it. It's still high but not as high as before. I'm 36w2d and have been told I will be offered induction by 39w.

Make sure you change your diet google foods to reduce hypertension so less salt/sodium more fruits veggies etc

I was monitored yesterday in pregnancy assessment as my blood pressure was high at my 36 week growth scan, however after an hour it went completely normal again. I had a blood test for pre eclampsia which came back as normal so my consultant is currently Happy to keep my c section date at 39 weeks and I have to see my midwife every week just to keep an eye on my blood pressure and urine xx

Same for me, 37 weeks today and have to go in every few days to have my blood pressure monitored, been booked in for induction for next Friday so I’ll be nearly 39 weeks, just means they’ll keep an eye on you incase any signs of preeclampsia appear!

I have just had experience with this but I am 38 weeks. Haven't had tablets but been told I need to have my BP measured every few days. From what I read they like to induce with hypertension but that's just what I have read after what happened to me the past few days.

This was me yesterday! I'm 36+2 and they said probably 38 or slightly earlier. But I have GD as well

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