Cot bed recommendations!

My son is 6 months on Sunday, we’re personally not ready for him to be in his own room (plus we moved not long ago so his nursery isn’t ready😂) but he’s almost grown out of his next to me. Looking for a cot bed to cut out the middle man of having to get a cot and then another bed later on, anyone have any recommendations? Looking to get a bargain with Black Friday!!
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@Hannah there’s a drop down box with multiple options you can get the cot alone, cot & mattress, cot with drawer etc x

@Amy same... I am going to message you xx

@Dion i just spent £200 on it😩😂

Yes i got the best one they did, think it was maxi air cool something like that xx

I'm currently having a nightmare with online4baby about the same cot. Did you guys buy a mattress with yours?

@Amy I was looking at just the plain cot version!! They’ve got Black Friday sales on so it’s £95 off atm😅xx

I have the same one as you ! Only mine is just the cot, it is lovely xx

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