Bad Vivid dreams

The only reason I tested and found out I was pregnant because I had the most vivid dreams three nights in a row that I was… But now im having dreams about my 12 week scan next week and not finding a heartbeat. I’m so anxious because I was right about the pregnancy dream. Not sure what I’m aiming from this post, just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same and everything’s fine?
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I had a dream that all my fillings and crowns fell out 🙃🙃

I had a dream that there was no baby in my 12 week scan. It's horrible. I've had two private scans and they were fine x

@Nicola 😮😮😮 that would be my worst nightmare!

@Miriam I had a private scan a few weeks back but they were measuring two weeks smaller that we originally thought. Our 12 week scan is next Wednesday so hoping everything is ok 🤞🤞

@Beth thinking of you and have everything crossed for you

@Beth lol, it was so weird!

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