Cows milk reaction

Has anyones almost one year reacted to cows milk? Rash / loose stools etc
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Mine comes in red round the mouth straight away with cheese etc, when I gave him greek yoghurt he came up in hives all over his body! I'd be surprised if he's allergic if he's never reacted to it in food but an immediate rash is one of the symptoms of an ige allergy which is the more severe xx

@Alex what exactly happened? Mines come up in some of redness on the skin he is completely fine otherwise though/: I gave him one Oz yday for the first time

I’ve been giving it a while in food etc and fine but lately been giving full bottles 1 a day mainly to start weaning of formula but not had a solid poo since. He doesn’t seem to have belly ache or anything so I don’t think I’m concerned, just getting his body used to it i guess x

My LB is sensitive to it. I usually give him literally a dash of it with his weetabix with cooked/mashed fruit and he can tolerate that. But if it's anymore (I've tried to give him porridge with more milk), he's very refluxy. We saw a dietician last week after the HV referred us, but both the HV and dietician said they don't tend to test for cow's milk allergies as the findings are so inconclusive.

Yes mine did when I first gave it him, still waiting for an appointment with the allergy clinic x

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