Swimming with eczema - is it safe?

Hey mamas, Is it safe for a child to swim in a chlorinated pool if they have eczema? We have just discovered an eczema patch on our son and we're not sure if it is safe for him to continue his swimming lessons or if the chlorinated water will aggravate his skin... Struggling to get through to the GP to ask the question so thought I'd check on here what others' experiences have been like. Thanks!
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I guess it depends on how bad the eczema is. But it is safe. Make sure to give him a bath and put lotion on his body soon afterward. If you see that the eczema gets worse after the pool, that’s a good indication to stop.

Yes! Bathe them asap after! The longer those chemicals sit on the skin, the worse off

What our pediatrician said is to avoid the pool when the eczema is too bad (open "wounds", wet / sticky skin) to avoid infections. When it's under control, no problem, just get a short (not too hot...) shower to rinse, and apply a lot of cream afterwards. 👍🏻

My son has eczema, and it does worsen when he spends time in chlorinated water. He loves to swim, though, so it doesn't keep us out of the pool altogether. What I do to keep it controlled is to make sure he showers after coming out of the pool and apply shea butter to his skin more frequently during the summer (or whenever we're spending time in chlorinated water).

Hey, my son has eczema too and it gets quite bad at times but I’ve still taken him to his swimming lessons and it hasn’t affected it. I just made sure to bath him once we got home and then put his cream all over and it’s been fine

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