Who here sews with a sewing machine?

Any recommendations on a brand sewing machine? If it matters, I’m looking to sew reusable cloth napkins, cloth diaper inserts, fix basic holes, hem pants(I’m short lol) and things of that sort. If I get good enough to make myself and my kids custom clothes, I’ll do that too 🤣. I can sew good with my hands but I need something quicker since I have two kids, and I’m not really sure what’s a good brand sewing machine! Some articles on google mentioned Singer brand?
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I sewed on a $250 singer stylist for years. Recently upgraded to a Babylock now that I have a quilting business and wanted more of the bells and whistles. My singer did everything I needed until I just needed a few extra things to help me be faster and more accurate at once.

@Caroline blessed

I have a Bernina from the 80s lol. My grandma left it to me. It's a beast though, can sew anything I give it

Used a singer heavy duty for my home machine when I was in fashion school. It was recommended by the college

I have a Brother and I absolutely love it. It was a step or two above the cheapest base model at Walmart, and I’ve had it for 6+ years and never have any issues. One time during a move a part broke, when I contacted the company they shipped me a replacement with no issues.

Singer and Brother machines are great and less expensive options. I’ve used both and have never had a single complaint about the machines themselves.

I have a Brother and have used Brother even before i had my own sewing machine. I like mine but Singers are also very good too. I feel like Brothers are a bit more light weight than a Singer though

I prefer singer or brother machines

This is what I have now, the wide table is super convenient: https://www.joann.com/brother-cs7205-sewing-machine-with-wide-table/15966138.html?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAx_GqBhBQEiwAlDNAZiYLBIwKgEC6cNxAZcryRQenCrI46Lwt6xCngzvQozWGymdBoqhQSRoCWkIQAvD_BwE

Oh and I think the msrp on a new brother project runway was only around 175$ too

I got a brother cs something or other from joanns that has like 250 preset stitch patterns, and it was on sale for 200$! I LOVE that machine! I've used singers quite a lot, they're great reliable machines, but honestly brother is a solid option as well as far as "entry level" machines go (less expensive with fewer presets, but still last and are easy to use). If you can find the brother project runway machine, that thing is awesome. I used one during quarantine to keep myself sane by sewing and donating masks during the shortage, and was able to make over 600 with no broken needles or any signs of wear/tear! Not sure where you're located, but see if there's a quilting/sewing convention near you (or a sewing store, usually they're sewing and vacuuming), because they'll have gently used machines for under 100 that are near perfect

I have a loops and threads sewing machine that sews fine. It's cheap. It's not amazing but it works pretty well. Brother and Janome are more pricey and work really well.

I had an old floor model Janome I got cheap on clearance when I worked at sears 20 years ago and that lasted for I think about 15 years, now I have a singer stylist, both really good machines. The Janome, even though it was older, felt more premium, and the accessory parts like button hole foot were heavy duty with metal and not full plastic. I think Janome tend to be more expensive, but singer is an old reputable brand too. I have seen good reviews for brother, and there are likely other brands I'm not thinking of as well. I think avoid really cheap machines (under 100) unless you're getting something black friday priced at Joann or buying used. I'm pretty sure my singer cost about 200 on sale, I have no idea what the Janome cost but I got it really cheap (clearance and floor model and discount) and it worked incredibly well for such a long time even though it was on display for a good year beforehand with people messing with it.

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