My LO has been on SMA Althera since she was 4 weeks old, she’s now nearly 15 weeks. Her main symptoms were -Congestion/Wheezy after a bottle -arching back -pulling legs up -inconsolable crying GP just prescribed allergy milk before anything else, i’ve always been a bit unsure as to whether she has an allergy or if its something else as her symptoms have never really improved and no doctors have listened to me purely because she’s gaining weight. I changed doctors last week and had an appointment the day after we were registered the GP prescribed carobel and we’ve had an awful weekend with my LO in even worse pain than before, really unsettled and not sleeping like she was before so i took her back this morning and Gp said to stop Carobel and give her a week for her body to settle. I’ve asked so many times for a referral to the peads team but nobody will even my HV suggested it too but wont do it herself. My LO is now only on SMA Althera and dentinox colic drops after stopping the carobel last night and her reflux is absolutely awful, she’s sick every 15-20 minutes between every bottle.. Any advice would be appreciated as i’m at such a loss and i’m mentally and physically exhausted 😩
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My daughter has gaviscon that seems to help her a lot. If your daughters symptoms havnt improved with the milk maybe it's not cmpa?

Lactose and cmpa are different though because lactose is the sugars whereas cmpa is the proteins. The milks so thin which is what makes me think this milk is making everything worse. The carobel worked for her reflux but she was in so much more pain with her stomach. But today she will not be put down because she’s in pain with the reflux💔

My daughter is lactose intolerant so if this is the case the althera milk won't help as still contains lactose... We didn't know she was lactase intolerant until weaning as she had colief drops in her milk and that helped her digest the lactose.

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