Cleft surgery!

I know there's a few out there who have saw my son before his surgery so I thought only fitting to update those who I dont personally talk to with his new smile 💙
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@Samantha bless there wee soul! They are tough wee budgets going through these ops honestly but the surgeons are fantastic it's unreal the work they do x

Yea he was same, only taking half bottles to start with but they get there, don’t worry if weight drops percentile wise at first, my wee one did then jumped right back up again 😊 and yea I didn’t use syringes after first op was only after second cos he literally was taking no fluid at all and was getting constipated which was then causing a temp that wouldn’t come down 🙈 he was dealing with that before the op tho and think obvs just exacerbated it

He's all back eating normal just still uncomfortable etc but after a week he's getting there x

@Samantha yess! That wa sour issue this time round so I can only imagine it will be the same for his pallete repair, he refused bottles... started to take it from his special cup then refused cup, refused spooks the lot. He had surgery last Wednesday and didn't start to properly take until the Saturday bless him! Our cleft nurse said not to use syringes to feed as they don't expect it to just appear like that x

@Chloe is it Glasgow children’s hospital I take it? It’ll come by so quickly. My wee one bounced back so quickly after second one just like the first, it’s so surprising how fast they get back to themselves! After his palate repair the only issue was with his bottles and trying to get fluid intake up as the teat feels weird against the stitches. We had to use syringes for a few weeks for any liquids but he still ate well off a spoon and we were told to give him things like custard and jelly as they have quite a high liquid content ❤️

@Samantha aww what a handsome lil monkey! We are due to go back in in about 4 month for his bilateral cleft pallet repair x

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