Cringe 😬😖

Is it just me or what? My anxiety is like through the roof whenever, I see parents place an 6-8month old in a front facing car seat or there’s no base or no seatbelt. I’ve seen some drive with their kid on their lap.🤯 I’ve seen some just put the baby in the seat but doesn’t buckle up. Sometimes I wannna scream WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!??? Okay sorry vent over 😂
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The craziest thing I ever saw is one time I was working at drive-through in a McDonald’s, and I saw a like a Toyota Camry with five people in the backseat two people in the front passenger seat, and the second person was holding a newborn baby the only one who wasn’t cramped was the driver luckily but still crazy.

@Karrymar this is insane 🤯

@Adena you shouldn’t feel like a “Karen” it’s best to be safe then to be sorry Safety first! my 4 year old even tells me as if I don’t know 🤣

As an elementary school teacher, we see this wayyy too often. I’ll be a karen and point it out to the school officer

ik right i know a family member that have a new born and they just carry the baby no carseat a new born!!! im like are you crazy 🤬

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