Snuggle me organic lounger

Has anyone used the snuggle me organic loungers? Is it worth it?
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@Lesey I put my second baby on the floor all the time and I had a 2yo running around. She didn't get stepped on (or only very rarely).

Had it, rarely used it. I used our portable bassinet most of the time because I was scared of babies dying in those loungers

I love it, it’s been the most used item with both my kids

@Ella that’s what I did with my first and she loved the swing. I’m just worried that this one might not like the swing. And with a toddler running around the won’t be able to lay this one of the floor. Just was thinking of an alternative place to put him in case the swing or bassinet isn’t an option. Plus they’re on sale right now and I hate missing a good sale

I didn't end up buying a lounger. Baby isn't supposed to sleep in it. And frankly you just put them on the floor when you need to put them down somewhere safe. I had a sheepskin rug but you can put them on carpet, a play mat, a blanket, anything.

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