Pain in the upper right side of the abdomen

I started feeling pain in the upper right side of the abdomen today, is it normal? It was just after I had some chocolate cookies so I am not sure if it's just because I am eating too much chocolate 🤦‍♀️
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Thank you all! I called the maternity services of my hospital and they suggested to take paracetamol and to call after an hour to check if the pain is gone. The pain was gone so they said that it seems fine and to call again if the pain comes back and doesn't go off with paracetamol

I had this turns out I had appendicitis best to call and check or maybe go to a&e x

@Stephanie had the same and midwife told me to go to A&E to have this checked.Saw a nurse who told me to monitor the pain and if it gets worse go to my GP to have an abdominal scan to check for gallstones but now the pain is gone

Thank you very much both! Will follow your advice and also ask the midwife so I can get this checked just in case 🙏

@Stephanie it could be a ton of things tbh. Mine was bad and only happened during pregnancy and went for an ultrasound and they saw them then. I always think in these cases it’s worth having a check in with triage so they can see why you’re having it :)

@Stephanie I would also drink a lot of water too just in case.. I know the aches and pains are more prominent when your body needs water. If none of that helps then I would definitely call your drs

@Lesey I haven't, will try just in case 🙈

@Sofia Do you think it could be gallstones if the pain is not too bad? I thought this was very painful?

Have you tried taking tums or anything for gas? When I’ve had weird pains Ike that it’s due to gas 🙄

I would contact triage as sometimes it can be other reasons or something like gallstones (which is why I was having this pain during pregnancy).

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