Keepsake for baby boy

2nd pregnancy here and my first was a little girl and we brought her a Pandora bracelet and have slowly brought a few charms for milestones like first birthday/Xmas, first holiday etc aim is to give it to her when she’s 18 and explain what they all mean. 2nd baby is a boy and I have no idea what I can do that will have the same sentimental value for a boy? My partners a big Liverpool fan so was thinking maybe a shirt each year but my daughter will get that as well so it wouldn’t be just his thing. I’m really struggling but want to do something so any ideas welcome! TIA!
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@Aliyah if you don’t get it maybe don’t comment and just keep scrolling… charms are sterling silver so nothing happens to them if you keep them in the correct storage. The idea isn’t really that she’ll wear it more that she has all of these tokens of memories that we can share with her when she’s 18 and ‘officially’ an adult. My question was actually what to get my son so…

I don't get it...u buy charms now and 18yrs later you give her the charm .... so she can't wear it for 18yr? Is that.. how that useful to not wear it, just wondering .. never had pandora as kid.. but got some rings now and they mostly gold they hold up on 20 yrs... no idea

We make a yearly video compilation for our little one, as well as a photo book :) it’s so nice looking back on them ❤️ Only other thing I can think of is savings/instalments for a nice watch at 18?

Would love to hear idea for this too!

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