Positive sweep stories?

Need some positivity please💕 Had my sweep today at 40+6 and just wanted to hear what people’s experiences after having one were…
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@Jessica they should do they usually offer you one on your due date and then if you still haven't had baby another at 41 weeks 🥰 you can ask for one too!

@Jessica I assume they do, you might have to ask? My midwife asked me if I wanted one …

Do all hospitals offer sweeps when you’re over 40 weeks? Just wondering as I am 40 + 4 and I have my next midwife appointment tomorrow X

My sweep sent me straight into labour at 37+6 (had one early due to planned induction that i didn’t end up needing!) Within 4 hours I was on delivery suite and my boy was born the next morning 🩵

i had mine at 39+6 (friday), lost my mucus plug saturday morning & then shortly after started getting irregular contractions.. they came back sunday and were frequent by the evening & then my waters broke around midnight monday morning :)

My water broke the day after my second sweep and gave birth 48 hours after! Good luck!

@Molly Can’t cope with waiting much longer 🙈 Fingers crossed things start moving along for you!!

I was 40+3 yesterday to add x

I had two failed sweeps but then I had my third sweep at 41+2 which was successful, I had it around 3pm and then went into labour at 1:30am that night and gave birth that following day 🥰

I had my 1st sweep yesterday at 5pm, lost my mucus plug at 1pm today and have been having contractions since but not as regularly. Hoping he comes soon! Will update again tomorrow. Hope you are okay!

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