Reassurance about baby’s weight

My baby was born at 39 weeks weighing 6lbs 4oz. He is happy, healthy and no concerns. I believed this was within the range of a healthy birth weight. But on a few occasions I’ve had people ask how much he weighed at birth and when I tell them their response is “oh gosh, so he was small then 😕” - and they’d say it in quite a negative tone. As if to say it’s something I should be concerned about? I had him weighed at 5 weeks and at that point he was 9lbs exactly. Should I be concerned about his weight or am I letting stupid people get in my head?
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Look at the growth chart and see if he's gaining the weight in accordance with his percentile. I'm not sure why you give a feck of what randomers say - 5 weeks after your baby was born, been checked by health professionals and presumably is now a healthy/happy baby

Every baby is different, some women are meant to have 6lb babies some are meant to have 9lb babies. What matters is that they are healthy and putting on weight. My boy was 6lb 15 and was 9lb 3 at 5 weeks. Hes remained at the 25th centile. People will always judge you, I've already had comments on my son having a dummy and I've told people to mind their own business. Your the parent, don't let other comments bother you, your doing a great job x

Thank you so much for all of your replies. It has really made me feel better. Parenthood is hard enough without being given yet another thing to be anxious about! I’m going to do my best not to overthink it and just enjoy my baby xx

He’s gained really well! My little girl was 7 on the dot and she is 8lbs 10oz so your little one has actually gained better than mine has. I’d say he’s doing very well!

My boy was 5.9 on birth, now he’s 7.5 at 4 weeks. He was 3 weeks early so we’ve been playing catch up but I’m proud of his growth. He is tiny still wearing newborn clothes

Don’t be concerned at all. Obviously the health professionals have no concerns or they would’ve said. My baby was 7 pounds when he was born and he’s 5 weeks now. I constantly get comments about how small he is and it drives me mad! Makes me paranoid that he’s not getting enough milk when I know that he is xx

My baby was 7lbs 14 at birth and is 5 weeks weighing 8lbs 8 so sounds like your baby has put on a really healthy amount of weight so nothing to be concerned about! People don't always think before they speak, don't worry about anyone else, your baby sounds perfect

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