To Lubion or Not to Lubion?

Hi all, I’m due to start my frozen FET next month. The NHS have offered the option of having 12 days worth of Lubion in addition to cyclogest pessaries to increase the chance of a positive by 2-3%. HOWEVER, this comes at a cost, I believe it’s roughly £500 for 12days. We would rather not pay this amount but if it helps we wouldn’t think twice. I am keen to hear if you opted Lubion injections and whether you would recommend I go for it? Any personal experiences on this would be much appreciated! Thanks and baby dust to all x
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Thanks all, this is really useful. I think my consultant has got the price very wrong and will ask again at our next appointment but will go for it regardless!

I will be doing my first FET next month and I done my research, that lubion with passeries have better outcomes. I requested for lubion from my clinic and paid for 18days for 92.50 for it. Look around for better deal as 500 is way too expensive.

I added Lubion to my protocol in addition to pessaries this time around and it made a difference. I was recommended to use it for 12 wks but my consultant was happy for me to use it till 14-16wks for my peace of mind & threatened miscarriages with ds pregnancy. It was costly but worth it! I found it cheapest in Asda pharmacy, if you’re in UK. I’m almost 29weeks now, to God’s glory! Baby dust and successful pregnancy to you 🙏🏾

My transfer would never have worked without Lubion and I think it’s definitely worth it. However it is expensive but not that expensive!! It’s between £50-100 a week. I was on it for 11 weeks in addition to 3 cyclogests. I recommend Fertility Medication Centre- the cheapest place to get meds. I would also stay on it at least 8 weeks not 12 days.

We did both Lubion and Cyclogest as my progesterone levels were low when tested just before transfer and just after. Our clinic said they also had good success improvements since they started more people on both drugs. Pricey but worth it for us. We got our drugs from petrol out medication centre and it was much cheaper than our clinic. Good luck! X

Have you shopped around for the cost of lubion? Fertility medication centre, Asda etc would be cheaper than your clinic

I did 16 weeks of Lubion, 2 injections a day so thats 224 injections and it roughly cost me £2100-ish! Who’s charging you £500 for 12 injections?! X

I had Lubion on my failed and successful round so I’m not sure it was that which made the difference!

I have also had lubion in both my pregnancies. My clinic recommended it. £500 for 12 days is very high. I think mine was £300 per month, might be worth shopping around for the meds.

I’m currently 36weeks pregnant, this transfer is the only time I used lubion. We used it for a fair bit longer than that though, maybe 8/12 weeks? Our treatment was consultant led and the round in general was well monitored in general so probably can’t put it down to the lubion only, but in our opinion the more progesterone the better.

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