Advice - baby not well

My 1 year old hasn’t been feeling too well recently. He’s been on calpol for 2 days and today has a temp of 37.7 His body feels warm - what should I do? Do I take him to the hospital? Another day of calpol?
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Ring your GP in the uk they have a duty of care to see them that day if they are under 2 x

Of you worried then just go to hospital and get him checked out .

He’s just got a runny nose and a hot head. He’s been very quiet and sleepy today

If calpol is helping book appt at gp tomo, if it isn't go to hospital now. Dows your little one have any other symptoms? When my son had a virus he took calpol every 4 hr strictly fir 3 days before it started getting better.

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