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Hey everyone! So I’d like any tips and advice on getting my little one (almost 8mo) to nap in his crib/pack n play. Right now we do all contact naps, cosleeping, and most times nursing to sleep in my bed. Honestly I’m not ready to stop cosleeping at night but I’m babysitting my nephews (6mo old twins-4mo adjusted) starting in a few months (they’ll be 7mo adjusted by then) and basically I need my boy to nap independently. He doesn’t take a pacifier, wakes every 30-45min to nurse back to sleep, immediately wakes up screaming if I try to transfer him, and will fully wake up crying if I try to put him down drowsy but not asleep. Even at night he wakes up if I try to sneak out of bed which is definitely impacting my marriage as I hardly get to spend time with my husband anymore. When he was 3-4 months he would sleep on his own in the bassinet when I needed him to by at 5months we were in a traumatic car accident and were seperated for almost 2.5 weeks (I was in the hospital) and ever since I’ve been back home he has been especially clingy and basically a Velcro baby. Thanks for reading this super long post lol. Any tips, advice, reassurance, etc is much appreciated. (I will not use the cry it out method or refuse to comfort him when he’s crying) pic for tax!
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Agree with Naz. Your LO is used to your smell, the heat, and the weight/pressure of being against you. You'll need to replicate that environment as close as possible. I wouldn't immediately grab him when he starts to fuss (just comfort him, rub his head, kiss his cheeks, let him feel your touch). If he cries yes I think you should absolutely pick him up to comfort him but try that process over and over again consistently if you can. My daughter sleeps the absolute best when she's snuggled up next to me but has no problem sleeping through the night in her crib since we started using a sleep sack when she was 3 months. There are so many out there (we use Nested Bean) but as soon as I started using it she slept perfect every night (she's now 6 months). Good luck to you! - Mom of 5 🥰

What about a Warmie? They are gently weighted stuffed animals you heat up and then lay on your baby so they feel like they are being held/touched. Maybe add something that smells like you as Naz suggested too.

Have tried maybe making the sheets smell like you? Or wear his night clothes under yours for the day and put him into bed. I would start off by making him sleep in his cot during day naps, and be consistent and patient, he’ll eventually learn that it’s his sleep environment. Another tip would be, white noise or stroking his head for reassurance. I used the pick up and put down method on my little one but it takes a lot of patience x

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