Last Costco Run Pre Baby!

Hey Ladies! Doing my last costco run before we get induced. Any suggestions??
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You will do a lot of washing so grab the laundry detergent and fabric softener and a huge pack of toilet rolls as you will use so much. The satsumas they currently have in are lovely I have been eating loads helped me with going to toilet

Drinks!!!!!! Any beverage that looks good to you, get it! Staying hydrated after birth, especially if you plan on breastfeeding, is soooo important. Any fluid is good fluid, even if it’s not water.

Bathrobes, snacks for yourself, body wipes for yourself, probiotics, eye pads, pjs

They have a great selection of pre-made meals. Easy to heat foods to make life easier. Snacks too, both shelf stable and refrigerated. Drinks like fizzy water or Gatorades (if you like those.) And something fun/special for you and or your partner. They got new super soft pj's in at mine and I plan to grab a pair on our next trip as a post baby cuddle gift to myself lol

New born diapers, baby wipes, a lot of frozen pre-made food, snacks

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