Nap time leaving to cry?

Cab anyone please LG is 6 months on Saturday. At bedtime she's brilliant for going down to sleep so this is strictly for naps time! She is showing sleepy cues and has been awake wayyyy longer than she should of been... if I put her into her cot and she doesn't necessarily cry. But flares her arms and legs and screams ( she's found her voice and it's her new favourite thing to do is scream lol ) do I leave her to do it 9n the hope she will tire herself out and go to sleep??? The other issue is she has a dummy to sleep...sooo whilst she's screaming her dummy isn't in her mouth which causes a slight issue to her going to sleep? It's just if I pick her up/rock her/ sit down she will legit fall asleep so she is tired!
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@Sophie yeah, she always has white noise anyway but normally after her having a bottle she Is sleepy so I rock her off, but I'm wanting to get away from the rocking her all the time. I've managed to get her off to sleep rocking her again! I might try a bit more of a routine and see if that helps perhaps x

Create a pre- nap routine (sleeping bag, story?) then put her in the cot in the dark with white noise. Stay next to her, shh her and stroke her to comfort her if you need to. Then wait it out. I’m doing exactly this now with my little boy. He’s in there just fidgeting at the moment but I know sleep will come eventually and it should get quicker and quicker as he gets used to it

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