Dropping milk feeds

Due to go back to work in feb - baby is 8 and a half months old. When is it safe to start dropping breast feeds. She has 3 meals a day and currently 3 nursing sessions a day 10, 2:30 and 7. She has always refused a bottle but obviously need to drop the feeds. Is it safe to do so? Worried baby won’t be getting enough!
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She is 8.5 months now or will be in February? Are you still allowing feeds overnight? If you restrict in the day they can reverse cycle and drink more in the night. I wouldn’t try drop any more at 8.5 months just feed on demand when your with her not on a schedule.. before before and after daycare and in the night if they want it till atleast 12-18 months or transition to other milk

She will be 10 months next Saturday x

At 8.5 months it’s fine to just offer food and water and bf when together. If you want to drop a feed you need to replace it with formula.

@Alice Thankyou how old is your little one ?

My lg started nursery last week and I expressed some milk and took it with her but she hardly touched it so I haven't bothered today. When I saw the health visitor last week they said as long as she is have meals and snacks there and water she will be ok. I did notice she fed longer when I picked her up though and still fed through the night as she usually does x

Could you express and offer your milk in a cup?

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