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I quit smoking back in July (before I knew I was pregnant) so it’s been 4 months since I’ve had a cigarette but all day yesterday and today I’ve just been really badly craving a smoke?! I don’t know why? Did anyone else have this? If you did, did you buy a packet for those days that you fancied one randomly? It could be all the stress, I don’t know! The urge to buy a packet is so strong!
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When I stopped I grabbed gum and chomped away and always kept something in my hands to keep them busy like a pencil or pen when I was working then got a fidget toy

I stopped smoking very early into my 2nd pregnancy. I only managed it because I was so ill. (I was a smoker for 15 years) I'm now nearly 2 years smoke-free, and I still get regular cravings. I've not given in and bought any because I know it won't be the same. It'll probably make me choke and gag. I suppose I don't crave the cigarette taste/smell/feel, I crave the release that it gives. I crave the 5 mins peace and using it as a reward. The only thing that scares me is giving in to my cravings when I'm drunk.. I've not got that far yet out of fear.

I was like this too wen cravings for smokes that's wen I know I'm pregnant

I’ve smoked on and off a few times in life and I found that when I would buy a pack to have one here and there, I would usually end up full on smoking again 😂 not saying that would happen to you but just something to look out for because quitting is hard !

Don't go back, keep moving forward. Honestly after I quit i did have crazy cravings up to a few years after quitting, BUT first of all it actually tastes awful when you go back to it and second once you start again it's harder to quit. Good luck 💪 you got this

I smoked before I found out I was pregnant, I stopped and my midwife said I could vape if I wanted to. I went for acupuncture and it really helped. They would put a small ball on my ear after the session and whenever I wanted a fag I would squeeze it, slight pain but it would take the craving away. I would highly recommend it.

I stopped smoking when I found out I was pregnant. I also had the Intense craving but found chewing normal chewing gum really helped if you can keep busy and distracted for the ten minutes during the craving also it’s easier for it to pass. Don’t beat yourself up about having or wanting one though x

Last time I quit I did it for over 2yrs. I’ve just gone and bought a pack but haven’t had one yet. Maybe they’ll just be there for when I REAAAAALLY need one? 🙈 I smoked with my first baby - she’s fine. Stopped with my second. Stress smokes with this one?! I don’t know!

Took me about a year to properly quit, I would get months in and cave. It’s not worth it, it doesn’t hit like you think it will. The taste and smell knock you and it’s just not the same. You’re doing so well, keep going! I’m now smoke free for 8 years after smoking 9 years.

It's probably a bit of both. I wish I had suggestions for how to help the cravings.

I can’t make my mind up if it’s a pregnancy craving or a quit craving but it’s driving me crazy!! Nothing is stopping it. 😬

I'm not a smoker but a lot of my family has been. My mom always says 4-6 months after quitting are the hardest time to maintain quitting, that the cravings are the worst. My younger brother has said the same about quitting. Stay strong and don't give in to the cravings. I would think it's probably even stronger with the stress of growing a human.

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