Uncomfortable flutters and kicks

At my anatomy scan I was told the placenta was on the back wall so movements would be felt stronger. While I absolutely love that I can feel him more, does anyone else feel uncomfortable and feel the kicking is .. not painful.. but not a great feeling. I feel bad that I don’t love it, but he’s kicking right behind my bellybutton and so frequently throughout the day. It feels like there’s a fish swimming in me lol.
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Lol with my first baby he would kick my bellybutton area all the time and it wasn’t the best feeling 🤣 after sometime you get used to the kicking and moving specially at night. With this pregnancy I have an anterior placenta but since Im familiar with the flutters and movements I’ve been feeling movements since I was 12 weeks pregnant but if it were my first I’d think it’s gas. Definitely wasn’t a pleasant feeling to feel something moving inside of me again😅 but now I’m used to it and I absolutely love it. You’ll definitely miss it when the baby is out, I know I sure did with my first. ❤️

I agree, you'll get used to it. Don't feel bad, it's a weird and sometimes very uncomfortable feeling.

I felt like that my whole 1st pregnancy, the feeling is so alien and, while not uncomfortable, it wasn't pleasant! It kept tickling begind the belly button which I really disliked

It only gets stronger 😭😭😭😭 wait til the hiccups start. That’s the worst feeling I ever experienced. Makes me nauseous almost 🤣

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