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Has anyone successful changed the date of their c section? Mine is currently booked for Monday but I need family to look after my little boy and they’re not around until later in the week. I have a pre op call on Thursday, wondering if I should ask then?
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Not sure this close to the date to be honest but you should ask. I know for mine I got to pick and was told that their (dr) schedule filled up and they got their schedule surgery days for the month and then the hospital gets their of rooms filled by whatever surgery they have not just births plus that we can get knocked off for emergencies

Just bear in mind that at many hospitals elective sections only take place a few days of the week. As clinics ect take place on others.

Definitely ask. But I had to book my c section date pretty early on to make sure there was room for me. I ended up canceling it but it’s pretty difficult to schedule week of if you aren’t in labor. So definitely ask and see what they say.

I got mine changed , but with alot of time left. I would have thought they would be booked up by now. Slots were scarse even 2 months before the date (I'm in the UK, so might be different elsewhere)

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