Iron Infusion

Anyone had one? I have to go in Thanksgiving morning for one. Just wondering what I should expect!
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@Andi girl yes! I was in front of the nurses station and I heard all the tea 😂 I need that princess treatment everyday but I only had to get it one time.

I’m having mine now. Girl it’s princess treatment. You get to nap. Eat snacks and drink juice. It’s great. I have two more scheduled. Hopefully baby can wait until after my last appointment.

I have my last one tomorrow. Except Kaiser kinda does it a cheap way and doesn’t give a mixed bag but anywaysssss they watch you the first time and and you just sit there while the bag of fluids/iron goes in. They make sure you don’t get any bad side effects the first time. Only weird side effect I get is the weird metallic taste in my mouth for a few seconds when they start it.

Thanks, guys! Sounds like it’s not a big deal other than the actual needle. 😬😂😂

Getting my 3rd dose tomorrow. Bring snacks and water. Was there for 3 hours

I had mine last week it was a wonderful experience I literally took a nap and they fed me I felt like a princess 😂 but overall I have a lot more energy and just feel great! I was there for 5-6 hours just needed one dose because I’m getting induced next week❤️good luck with everything

I just had one yesterday ! My second dose is next Monday everything is perfectly fine and im full of energy!

I just finished my second (and final) one this morning! Was there for about an hour between infusion & an observation period after. With my first they ran IV fluids with it to make sure I reacted okay, today we didn’t since everything was fine. The only side effect they really warned me about was getting a little bit of upset stomach. You’ll be fine, just take a book or something to keep yourself entertained :)

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