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I am just looking for advice about when we should give our baby a dummy. My girl is 3 weeks and EBF so I haven’t given her a dummy yet as saw that it can cause nipple confusion. What do people normally use dummy’s for and when to give them? She will not sleep in the day unless held and wondering if a dummy would help comfort her to sleep or whether I should persist without it.
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I gave my baby a Dummy within the first week and I EBF and he's fine with latching just depends on the baby I guess

Thank you all! I am just nervous as breastfeeding is going well and don’t want to do anything that might stop that for us!

Also bear in mind that your lo might not want it :) Weve tried 5 different ones and she hated all of them 🥲

I have a 4 week old, introduced a dummy around 2.5 weeks and he’s still breastfeeding fine. 👶🏼💙

I am also ebf and baby will be three weeks on Thursday I gave him a dummy from day 1 and haven’t had any issues. He often will take it to help him settle but I always offer a feed first. We find it’s especially helpful in the car, he is t much a fan of his car seat

I have a toddler so can’t hold my newborn much during the day. I give her a dummy when I need to put her in the moses basket for a nap as it helps send her to sleep

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