Anyone else 4 months PP . Still find tampons uncomfortable that have gotten there period. Iv been so tired of pads, but oof I tried today and nope
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@Victoria I tried and as soon as I put it in about half way I said nope cant do it can’t do it . Idk if I was nervous or what but ohh then I started cramp . I said never mind lol

I haven’t even used them yet & im almost 5 months pp …idk why I’m so scared 😭

Ive been stopped tampons. I use the period panties now. Thinx and Hanes makes good ones. I’m a stay / work from home mother so thats what works best for me. I wear them out all the time and never had any issues.

Get those underwear will built in pad feels like normal underwear and you just throw it in the wash after use that’s what I use if pads annoy me

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