Anyone else 4 months PP . Still find tampons uncomfortable that have gotten there period. Iv been so tired of pads, but oof I tried today and nope
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Get those underwear will built in pad feels like normal underwear and you just throw it in the wash after use that’s what I use if pads annoy me

Ive been stopped tampons. I use the period panties now. Thinx and Hanes makes good ones. I’m a stay / work from home mother so thats what works best for me. I wear them out all the time and never had any issues.

I haven’t even used them yet & im almost 5 months pp …idk why I’m so scared 😭

@Victoria I tried and as soon as I put it in about half way I said nope cant do it can’t do it . Idk if I was nervous or what but ohh then I started cramp . I said never mind lol

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