Can you start weaning at any time of day? Or is it best to start in the morning?

For example if I want to start with baby rice, should I introduce that tomorrow morning to set a routine or could I just do it tonight?
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@Zara I read the same, so that’s what we’re sticking to

Anytime, baby should be on 3 meals and 2 snacks by 12mo but how you get there is totally up to you. We've done 3 meals straight away as that's what works for our family right now. Milk is still priority so as long as food is offered after milk and baby isn't dropping any milk feeds all is good x

I read it’s best to start lunch time after their bottle feed x

From what I’ve read it’s quite good to introduce the one ‘meal’ a day mid-morning, so after a bottle and at least an hour before the next so it doesn’t impact milk feeds. Milk is still their main source of nutrition atm

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