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So I have a strict rule on not posting my daughter’s face and if they do to tell me before hand and blur it out. So Sunday we went to a friends giving and I was on Facebook today and saw that someone at the even had posted pictures and clear as day I see pictures of my daughter and my MIL in the pictures and it was from a distance. My MIL wasn’t even looking at the camera so obviously she didn’t know they were being taken, but the person who posted the pictures we told her to make sure to not post my daughters face anywhere. We had have told this person multiple times not to do it and there were only like 10 pictures posted so it’s not like she didn’t look at them before hand. Idk am I just over reacting at being upset at this?
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I don't want my baby posted online either and we told people about it. If someone would do it I would be very upset honestly! Can you talk to them?

@Elena I messaged her in regards to it and haven’t gotten a response yet

Not overreacting. I only share publicly our monthly milestones pictures. Everything else I share a few in mom Facebook groups.... But family and a few friends have access to his photos.... In a shared Google album that is by invite only. We donkey want his image on social media much at all until he's old enough to have a Facebook page ( probably)

Don't, not donkey 🤣🤣🤣

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