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I’m 6weeks +1 and still no symptoms 💔 just feel like something is wrong
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It’s still early and every pregnancy is different. You may be one of the lucky ones with minimal to no symptoms! If you’re still concerned maybe reach out to your midwife or OB? You’re doing great, congrats mama!

I didn’t have any until about 15 weeks. I’m now 25weeks and apart from the obvious kicks I’m getting, I still don’t have any symptoms really. Everyone is different x

I didnt really feel any symptoms until I was about 10 weeks! Then they sort of all came at once! As ladies said before all women are different but if you are concerned call your midwife/maternity triage! Xx

@Becky will they see me at 6 weeks?

I think there's an under 20 weeks phone number! At least there is in the UK xx

I didn’t have any symptoms until baby started kicking at 20 weeks xx

I didn't have symptoms with my first until 8w and about 10w with my second. I doubt they'd give you a scan at 6w, they may check your blood levels and cervix. You could get a private scan. Some women don't get any kind of symptoms, 75% get sickness so not everyone. Doesn't mean there's anything wrong. I was horribly sick, exhausted and felt awful for months with my first and barely had any symptoms with my second, slight nausea and feeling more tired. Every pregnancy is different.

i didn’t feel any symptoms until week 11 so just wait it out. i understand your concern but just remember every pregnancy is different!

tip- if you get morning sickness take about 250 mg of magnesium daily. stopped my morning sickness in its tracks when i got it

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