Crib refusal.

All the sudden my baby WILL NOT sleep in her crib. It’s in the same room as me and my husband. She’s always slept fairly well in it at night. Now all the sudden she will not sleep there. Only on me or my husband. Co sleeping is not comfortable for me I don’t sleep because I can’t move positions. Is this happening to anyone else? She is a little over 6 months. And I’m just exhausted
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Okay yeah! I’m just worried she will get used to it.

We reverted to cosleeping because we couldn’t even successfully lay her down without her freaking out. I had a few rough weeks of sleep but to me that is better that spending the whole night awake trying to soothe her to sleep in the crib 🙃

For me, both. Mostly co sleep even though I’m not comfortable with it

@Valerie @Alexis did you co sleep during this time? Or just keep getting up to soothe and put back?

This has been my life. I understand. Love my little guy but super exhausted.

Thanks ladies. 💖

My girl went thru this as well. It lasted about 2 weeks. I was exhausted :( Hang in there mama it will go back to normal soon

My little girl went through this a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I think you just have to ride it out😩 It lasted about 3-4 weeks for us, but she also had RSV for 2 weeks during this time frame so I’m not sure that the sleep regression itself will last you 4 weeks. Good luck! When you’re used to have a good sleeper, it’s so hard to revert to those newborn days 😅

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